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2019-20 Curling Season:

Coming Up at the Curling Club:


Junior Curling Bingo:

We have many volunteers signed up to help us with Bingo this summer.  Once more it is at St. Peter's Church as we did very well at that venue last summer.

Here is the volunteer calendar as it stands right now.  All those spots highlighted in yellow are spots that need filling.  If you can help, please let us know.

If you are a parent of a curler and you or your child(ren) can volunteer for Snack Bar, please let your teacher/coach know when you can help.


See the Bonspiel page for

Bonspiel 2019-20 information

and the calendar page for important dates.



The Harry Duncan Bonspiel 2019 was a great success once again!

Thanks to Dennis Basket for being our drawmaster again this year.

The winning teams are pictured here.  For other photos from the event , just click on the following link.

Harry Duncan 2019


Main event winners:

Ken and Marie Bailey,

Paul and Jannette Trussler

Main event runners-up:

Joanne and Ron Gill, Cheri Sidon

and Murray Sidon

Second event winners:

Team Cutler

Second event runners-up:

Team Cox

Third event winners:

Team Bourgeois

Third event runners-up:

Fourth event winners:

Team Kinnear

Fourth event runners-up:

Team Gilman


The Friends and Family Spiel was on Feb. 9, 2019

Here is a link to some photos from the event.    Friends & Family Spiel 2019

Winners Friends and Family 2019:

Mackenzie Taylor, Steve Smith, Sally Weeks and Melissa Hayhurst


2-4 Curlers Care

Supporting our Military Families Bonspiel:

Link to photos from the event.

2-4 Bonspiel 2019




The Georgian Bay Ladies' Open was on Nov. 16-18, 2018. 

Photos are now available. Click on the following links.

GB Ladies' Open Teams and 

Event Winners and

Action Shots


Pictured on Right:

Main Event winners

Shari Phillis (lead)

Lori Guillemette (secomnd)

Kana Upton (skip)

Bev Webb (third)


Thirty Thousand Island Invitational Spiel Results:

Main Event Winners - Team Vautier (Bracebridge)

Team Graziotto - Main Event Runners-up (PSCC)

Second Event Winners - Team Steiner (PSCC)

Second Event Runners-up - Team Munro (PSCC)

Third Event Winners - Team Holmes (PSCC)

Third Event Runners-Up - Team Beaucage (Sarnia)

Fourth Event Winners - Team Robinson (Chapleau/Parry Sound)

Fourth Event Runners-Up - Team Logan (PSCC)


Joyce Baskey Memorial Bonspiel 2019















Dennis Baskey made a presentation to the

A Division winners from

Whitestone Central Public School.
Skip - Cyrill Knotz, Vice - James Morrison,

Second - Lily Morrison
Lead - Abby Taylor


For more photos, go to the

Youth Curling page

Finalists 2019 Pausner-Pavlove:

For more photos, go to the

Youth Curling page


What happened last season at our club:

2017-18 wrap-up:

Bonspiel  2017-8 News and Photos:

The Harry Duncan Bunnyspiel

was on Mar. 23-25, 2018  

Photos are available using the following link.

Harry Duncan 2018

Shown on right are the champions:

Skip - Steve Holmes, Third - Shelley van Erp, Second - Kirk Beagan and Lead - Shannon Beagan

The Friends and Family Spiel was on Feb. 10, 2018.   


For photos from the spiel -

click here  Friends and Family 2018




The Georgian Bay Ladies' Open was on Nov. 17-19, 2017. 

Photos are available.  GB Ladies' Open - 2018     Or See Gallery.    Click here -Photo Galleries

On November 17th to 19th, 2017 the Club was pleased to host 24 teams in the 40th annual Georgian Bay Ladies Open. It was a weekend of great curling and lots of fun partying to the theme of Georgian Bay Rocks!

Canada Brokerlink, sponsor of the 1st event was won by the local team of Joanne Gill, Rebecca Cutler, Cheri Sidon and Wendy Schroeder.  It was a great game against Parry Sound's Julie Truscott.


The 2nd event, sponsored by McNabb Home Building Centre was won by another Parry Sound team,

Kana Upton, Bev Webb, Shari Phillis and Robin Galbraith.  They were victorious over the Nancy Raynor team from Bracebridge.


Parry Sound Marine, sponsor of the 3rd event was won by the Parry Sound team of

Sandra Villeneuve, Lisa Moore, Pam Nelson and Audrey Milligan rink.  They took the win from the Nan Cleator rink from Bracebridge.


The 4th event winners, sponsored by Ritchie Insurance were Sandy Gardiner, Lori West, Sarah Randall and Kerry Venturelli from Bracebridge.

They won over the Alicia Shody rink from Cambridge.


The bonspiel wouldn't have been successful without our generous sponsors and many volunteers.  Thank you and see you all at the 41st event next November.

The 30,000 Island Invitational Spiel was on Jan. 11-13, 2018.   

For photos from the spiel - click on the following link - 30,000 Island Photos

PSCC hosted the 63rd 30,000 Island Men's Invitational Bonspiel on Jan 11th, 12th and 13th, 2018. A total of 40 teams participated, 20 local teams and 20 out of town teams. As per tradition, the Home teams home-hosted their counterparts on Thursday night following the first games.

Friendships were renewed and some great and sometimes not great curling ensued for the next 2 days.

Home town Team Logan took top honours winning the overall Championship over Team Bob Armstrong from Ingersoll. It took a draw to button with Hugh's last shot in the 8th end to cement the win!  The championship team was skipped by Hugh Logan with Vice Marc Dunnill, 2nd John Patterson, Lead Bill Webster and 5th Tim Graves.


The 2nd Event was won by Marc Townes team from Elmvale over Ron Marshall Team from Parry Sound.


 The 3rd Event was won by Team Vautier from Huntsville over Team Burgess skipped by Steve Smith from Parry Sound.


The 4th Event was won by the Steve Holmes rink over the 2017 Champions Dan Hill team in an all Parry Sound Event.


 Many thanks to our sponsors and all the Volunteers who made this a successful Event.


The Friends and Family Spiel was on Feb. 10, 2018.   

For photos from the spiel - click here

Friends and Family 2018



  Masters Women:


  Our PSCC Masters Women's Team curled in the

  Provincials in St. Mary's on Jan. 10 - 14th. 

  Skip - Nanci Beers,

  Third - Laura Thompson,

  Second - Bev Webb and

  Lead - Phyllis Harris

  Coach - Phil Lewkoski

  The team finished with a 2-5 record. 

  A respectable showing for their first time at a

  Provincial Championship.



First Aid Kits:



Jr. Curling purchased 2 new First Aid Kits for the club.
They are stored in the downstairs kitchen.

If members need to use the kit, could they please return tools like scissors.



Please check our archives for additional information about past curling seasons

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