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Bev Webb delivers a rock

Bracebridge ladies' skip ponders a shot

The Elmvale ladies discuss their next shot.

Dorrie holds the broom for a shot

Harriet Taylor throws for Kim and Phyllis

Heather Fisher sports her extra pair of eyes

Joanne And Kaila

Joanne is pretty in pink once again

Joyce and Elaine watch their rocks progress carefully

Kaila Stevenson

Laurie throws for Kari and Erin to sweep

Laurie calls a shot

Marian McIsaac delivering her rock

Marie Dunn and Randi Krist

Marie watches her rock's progress down the ice

Nanci watches her rock

It's Sue vs Sue

Sue Shadd

Susan and Harriet discussing their options

Sue & Sue

Kari, Cec and Erin

Erin, Kari & Cec

Lorrie and Lisa sweep Nanci's rock

Laura and Gladys

Louise comes out to help

Cheri & Corlys sweep Trudy's rock

Kim and Phyllis give it their all

Tracey delivers her rock as Joanne and Kaila sweep

Deanna and Trudie talk about their next move

Trudie Johnson showing fine form in her delivery

Trudy Orr delivers a rock

Morley MacDonald pipes the teams in

The teams in the finals as they're piped in

The drink to the piper - Liz and Morley

1st event winners - Sandra, Lisa, Cathy & Lorraine

Runners-up - Heidi, Wendy, Shelly & Audrey

2nd event winners - Cec, Laurie, Erin & Kari

Runners-up from Elmvale - Doreen Turner, Joanne Downey, Dorrie Fiegehen & Mary Downey

3rd event winners - Trudie, Laura, Deanna & Gladys

Runners-up - Erin, Mandy, Heather, Nicole, Shannon

4th event winners - Harriet, Phyllis, Susan & Kim

Runners-up - Cheri, Trudy, Sally & Sandra

Gladys kicks up her heels Saturday night

Having fun with those pink gloves

Lisa frames her face with a pink boa

The ladies form a train

Dancing to Pink Cadillac with our pink gloves on

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