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Basic Rules Every Curler Should Know

• A coin is tossed by one individual on each team. This decides which team will deliver the last stone in the first end.

• Curlers should stand along the sides of the playing area when not involved in delivering or brushing.

• After brushing, curlers should walk along the sides of the sheet to return to the delivering end.

Leads and seconds should position themselves between the hog lines and well to the side of the playing surface when their team is not delivering. Only skips and thirds are allowed to stand in the house area.

• All curlers should remain outside the house area until the thirds (vice-skips) have agreed on the score.

• The scoring team’s third (vice-skip) is responsible for posting the score.  The vice-skip is also responsible for filling out the score card and placing the results in the box as well as marking the win/loss/tie on the board (if necessary).

• Teams may not remove an opposition stone if it is in the Free Guard Zone until the fifth stone of the end.

• The team who scores in one end delivers the first stone of the next end.

• If a stone is touched by a brusher while it is moving, that brusher must alert everyone of the infraction when the stone has come to rest.  In other words - if you are sweeping and cause a ‘burnt rock’ - allow it to finish its course and inform the skips.

• A skip can only brush an opposition’s stone once it has crossed the tee line of the playing end. And any sweeping in the house should be done by the skips once the rock has crossed the T-line.

• When throwing a stone, the curler must clearly release it before it entirely passes the hog line closest  to the throwing end.

• To be considered as “in play”, all stones must be over the hog line at the playing end of the ice (*consult rule book for exceptions).

• A stone is out of play if it touches the sideline, or if it completely crosses the back line at the playing end.

Curler’s Code of Ethics

I will play the game with a spirit of sportsmanship.

I will conduct myself in an honorable manner, both on and off the ice.

I will never knowingly break a rule but, if I do, I will divulge the breach.

I will take no action that could be interpreted as an attempt to intimidate or demean my opponents, teammates or officials.

I will interpret the rules in an impartial manner, always keeping in mind that the purpose of the rules is to ensure that the game is played in an orderly and fair manner.

If I am found in violation of the code of ethics or rules of the game, I will humbly accept any penalty that the governing body of curling, at any level, deems appropriate.

(Excerpt from "Getting Started in Curling" found on the CCA web-site under Learn to Curl.   You can download the whole booklet if you'd like.  Just click on the CCA icon to the left in your browser.)

 Also remember this.....

·    If your team is short members - your game counts if there are 1 or 2 spares plus 2 regular members.

·   Spares should play lead position unless the skip is absent. 


Measuring Rocks

Occasionally, two or more rocks are too close to measure by eye. Measuring the rocks by device will help. There are three types of measuring devices available at most clubs. The first and most often used device is simply called the "measure". It is used to determine the counting rock or rocks in the house. The second device is called the "six foot" measure. It is used to determine whether or not a rock is in the house. It is also used to determine if a rock is in play at the back of the house. Unlike the above device, it may be used during the end.



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