Monday Open Rd. 1 Schedule 2021-22

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Monday Open Second Round Tentative Draw - Click on the Tables to get a PDF copy for printing.

There was a glitch in the matrix!  Please follow this schedule and discard any others you may have.

Remember:  If you have to default a game - first call your opposition, then inform Al or Nanci that your game will not be played regardless of whether it is an early or a late game

so that we can inform Jim.  Games could also be moved up if only one team is left to play at 8:45.


Final Standings 2022-23:

1 Bruce Shadd 70
2 Joanne Gill 50.5
3 Al Bourgeois 49
4 Tracey Sitts  49
5 Julie Truscott 44
6 Jannette Trussler 40
7 Randy Cribbie 40
8 Ken Bailey 38
9 Steve Smith 30
10 Nanci Beers 28
11 Bob Gilman 27.5
12 Ryan Davis 15
13 Debbie Cooper 10


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