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Parry Sound Curling Club News from 2010-11:


Harry Duncan Bonspiel:




Team Weeks - Steve Holmes, Sally Coomber, Chris Weeks, and Tammy Roy.








Second event winners were

David Gilman, Sheena Gilman,

Jan Bywater and Skip Bob Gilman

Third event winners were

Skip Bruce Shadd, Sue Shadd,

Lianne Piddington and Tom Piddington

Fourth event winners were

Laurie Robinson, Martha Gibson,

Skip Dave Gibson and Cec Barks



Main event runners-up

Paul Milligan, Ron Gill, Skip Julie Truscott

and Joanne Gill

Second event runners-up

Skip Jason Cutler, Rebecca Cutler,

Stefan Monid, Polly Monid

Third event  runners-up

John McIsaac, Beth McIsaac, Liz Sims

and skip Wendell Morgan

Fourth event  runners-up

The Pellegrino rink

For more pictures from the Harry Duncan click on the following link.

Thanks to Bob Gilman for taking more terrific pictures.


Mixed Doubles Bonspiel:

This is a very interesting way of curling mixed.  With only 2 players, obviously you are missing your normal sweepers, so the thrower or the person holding the broom are the only available sweepers.  The other unique thing about this match is that only 5 stones are actually thrown and 2 stones are placed (one on the button and the opposition stone placed guarding it out front). 


The wining teams in this inaugural competition are:

Main Event -  Debbie and John Iezzi

Second event - Sally and Jacob Labath

Consolation/third event - Nanci Beers and Ian Burgess


Jan. 21-22 - Georgian Bay Ladies' Open

16 teams entered this bonspiel this year.  The ladies all had a good time if the pictures are any indication.  To see the photo album just click on the following link.

The winners of the Main Event were Julie Truscott,

 Joanne Gill, April MacNamara and Cheri Sidon


Runners-up in the Main Event

Dorrie Fiegehen, Doreen Turner, Mary Downey and Carole Huth

Second Event Winners

Sandra Villeneuve, Lisa Moore, Cathy Knight and Vicky Richardson

Runners-up in the Second Event

Trudie Johnson, Laura Thompson, Kelly Macfie and Judy Arai

Winners of the Third Event

Lorna Morgan presents the Morgan Construction Trophy to Marian McIsaac, Kelly Stevenson, Sylvia Gorham and Rebecca Cutler

Runners-up in the third event

Kelly Hergaarden, Danielle Villeneuve, Jenny Keall and Pam Nelson

Winners of the fourth event

Heather Fisher, Nicole Collins, Shannon Mahon and Mandy Vankoughnett

Runners-up in the fourth event

Audrey Milligan, Tammy Roy, Vickie Heikoop and Allyson Patterson (absent)



On Jan. 13-15th the 30,000 Island Men's Invitational Bonspiel took place at the club.

40 teams were entered with the home teams once again hosting the out of town teams. The event showcased some excellent curling, renewed friendships, good food and great camaraderie.
Special thanks to all the sponsors and our Co-Chairs Bob Hawkins and Kathy Parton.
Parry Sound was well represented in the finals with the Steve Holmes rink, consisting of skip Steve, third Al Bourgeois, second Jason Cutler and lead Jade Constable defeating the Al Beaucage rink from Sarnia in the A final.
Dave Gibson, John Jackson, Shawn Boggs and Robin Dyck were runners-up in the "B" final.
Doug Kerr, Rob Kerr (Fenelon Falls), Ken Webb and Dale Robinson were runners-up in the 4th event.

Bob Gilman did a wonderful job taking pictures during the event.  To see a slideshow of pictures follow the link below.


Parry Sound curlers were represented in several OCA Events during this season


Best Western Women's Challenge Zone 10:

Debbie Iezzi, Shelley Van Erp, Cec Barks and Amy Betts represented PSCC at the Provincials at the Stirling Curling Club Jan 21- 23. In the provincial competition they lost their first game to Marg McKnight of Uxbridge and then won their next 2 games in the B Event,  They won their game Sunday morning in the semi-finals but lost in the finals to Amie Shackleton from Ilderton.  Congratulations to Debbie and her team for doing so well at the Provincials.
Masters Zone 10:
Bob Fedosa, Lyle Fedosa, Al Bourgeois and Ray Pavlov represented PSCC in Bracebridge Jan 7 - 9th. After winning their first game, they lost their second game to the eventual B champion team from Barrie. They curled 4 more games losing in the B side semi final Sunday afternoon . Penetang skip Brunelle made a come-around draw shot to the edge of the four foot behind a wall of parry Sound rocks to take the win.
Bantam Curling Zone 10:
The Parry Sound Bantam Teams competed in Coldwater on Jan 7-9. For many of the curlers it was their first time competing in this kind of competitive event. Parry Sound sent two girls teams to the event. The two teams lost their first games and had to play each other in the second game, with the losing team being knocked out of the competition. Nicole Heikoop, Ashlyn Simpson, Allie Kane and Jenni Gill coached by Julie Truscott  won 7-3 over Abbi Roose, Terri Weeks, Charlotte Little and Kortnee Jackson coached by Chris Weeks. Team Heikoop in their next game played Team MacDonald from Midland and the winner would advance to the Regional event. In the eighth end, team Heikoop scored 5 points to tie the game and force an extra end. Team Heikoop played a perfect 9th end; however team Mac Donald with last rock advantage won the game by an inch.
The boys team of Adam Walker, Liam Thompson, Tyler Marshall and Zack Vowels coached by Al Bourgeois and Stephen Webb lost both of their games; however gained valuable experience as they prepared for the Timbit Provincials.

Tankard and Scotties' Zone 10:
PSCC was well represented at the Tankard and Scott's Zone playoffs in Stroud on the weekend of Dec 10th. The Ladies team skipped by Julie Truscott with Joanne Gill, April Heitman and Marie Dunn played 2 games Saturday before being eliminated. Jacqueline Harrison of Elmvale and Sherry Middaugh of Coldwater went on to Regionals. The Men skipped by Darcy Weeks with Chris Weeks, Stephen Webb and Al Bourgeois also lost both their games. The eventual winners were Dale Matchett of Bradford and Cory Heggestad of Barrie. 

OCA Senior Women and OCA Senior Men -

The Zone 10 playdown was held on Nov. 19-21st.  We had 2 teams entered from our club for this competition. 

Both teams were successful in reaching the Regionals played in Orillia on Dec. 4th and 5th. 



The Men's team, skipped by Al Bourgeois won the "A" side at Zones,

defeating all of the teams that they played.

At the regionals in Orillia the men came up against some tough competition and lost their first two games.

The men's team is pictured here: 

Ian Burgess (2nd), Dan Hill (3rd), Al Bourgeois, Glen Dadswell (Lead)





The Women's team, skipped by Nanci Beers went to the Regionals as the "B" side representatives for Zone 11. 

They had the opportunity to play the team that defeated them in their first match of the Zone 10 competition

once again at the Regions but this time it was Nanci's team that came out


Their second game was against Elaine Voisin (a previous Ontario champ)

and in a hard fought game they once again won (by only a stolen point). 

Next game they played the former world champions (Anne Dunn) and

some topnotch sweeping by Anne's team gave them the victory over Nanci's team. 

The last game (for the "B" side championship) was against the reigning Ontario champs

and once again the Parry Sound women met some very stiff competition and failed to advance

to the Provincials.

The women's team is pictured here: Nanci, Sandra Villeneuve (3rd),

Louise Krause (2nd) and Bev Webb (Lead)






For some great  pictures from the weekend, click on the link below, then go to Zone 10 Seniors and click slideshow.


Parry Sound Curling Club Wrap-up from 2009-10:  


For the wrap-up from 2009-10 click on the following link.

Parry Sound Curling Club Wrap-up 2009-10

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