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Parry Sound Curling Club Wrap-up from 2009-10:


The 2010 Club Champions are...........



Audrey Milligan, Missy Ferguson (who played for Sandra Villeneuve), Dan Hill (and Rob Morrish)

being presented the championship trophy by Al Bourgeois.

Other winners are pictured below (just click on the thumbnail to view larger).

Runners-up in the Main event

Cheri, Joanne and Julie

2nd event winners - Randy, Trudy, Scott and Phyllis

2nd event runners-up - Kari, Erin, Laurie and Cec

3rd event winners - Chuck, Dale (for Brad Horne), Ron and Steve

3rd event runners-up - Steve Holmes (and his missing team)

4th event winners - Cathy, Lorraine, Lisa and Sandra


For all of the pictures Bob Gilman took - click on the following link and view a slideshow presentation.




The Harry Duncan Bonspiel was a great success once again. 

For pictures of the event click on the link.  Harry Duncan 2010

The winning team was a team of former Parry Sound junior curlers.  It was great to see them back this year and emerging victorious as the winners of the main event.  Congratulations to John Rabiewsky, Lisa Vankoughnett, Kaila Stevenson, and skip Luke Thomson              


Once again a Parry Sound school team won the elementary school championship.

A team from McDougall school captured the Timbits Provincial title.  For a full report,

click the Youth Curling page on the browser.

For pictures from the tournament click on the link - Timbits 2010

Congratulations to Coach Weeks andNathan Marshall, Terri Weeks, Cameron Johnson and Nicholas Mayede

the 2010 Timbits champions                                                        



Mixed Doubles - Our first "tournament was held on Monday Mar. 22. 


See the link below for a video demonstration of the format.  Rules are also available online by clicking the link below.


      Just for fun - check out this demonstration of the newest curling game - "Mixed Doubles".

          See if you think you'd like to try it.

      For the rules click here - MIXED DOUBLES CURLING RULES


2009-10  League wrap-up:

All leagues are now over for the 2009-2010 season.  Scores and standings are final for all leagues.  Just click on the Standings link on the Sidebar.


Monday Night Open League:

The winners of this league are the team of Scott Jennings, Trudy Orr, Phyllis Harris and Randy Orr.  Runners-up are Dan Hill, Sandra Villeneuve, Rob Morrish and Audrey Milligan.  Close behind in third and fourth, were Tom Piddington/Liz Sims and Al Bourgeois.


Tues. Men's League:

The winners of the first round are Al Bourgeois, Paul Milligan, Jason Cutler and Luke Milligan.  They also won the second round, with Dan Hill close behind.  Both qualified for the club championship.


Wednesday Night Ladies final standings:

The final results are shown under Wednesday Ladies' Standings.

Georgian Bay Financial Division:

"A" Division winners are Julie Truscott, Joanne Gill and Cheri Sidon, with 11 points overall (one loss and one tie).  Runners-up are Nanci Beers, Louise Krause, Lorrie Kerr and Lisa Vankoughnett (with 10 points).

Logan's of Parry Sound Division:

"B" Division winners are Marie Dunn, Martha Gibson, Kathy Parton and Randi Krist with 13 points overall.  In second place is Trudy Orr, Lorna Morgan, Sally Coomber, and Beth McIsaac with 10 points, and in third is the Susan Smith rink with 8 points.  All 3 of these teams will move up to the "A" division at the start of the curling season next year.


The first round results are also shown under Wednesday Ladies' Standings

"A" Division winners were Liz Sims, Bev Webb, Robin Galbraith and Barb Atkinson, with 12 points overall (only one loss).  Runners-up were the Laurie Robinson rink and the Sue Shadd rink (with 10 points each).

"B" Division winners were Sandra Villeneuve, Lisa Moore, Cathy Knight and Lorraine Vankoughnett, with 11 points overall.  Runners-up with 10 points were Trudie Johnson and her team. In third place, with 9 points was the Julie Truscott rink.  All three of these teams moved up to the "A" Division for the second round.

The Sims and Villeneuve rinks are qualified to enter the club championship. (Sims declined)


Thursday Night Men's League final standings:

"A" Division winners are Steve Holmes, Mike Hergaarden, Jon Cutler and Jade Constable.  Runner-up is the Al Bourgeois team.

"B" Division winners are Dave Gibson, John Jackson, Shawn Boggs and Robin Dyke (14 pts.).  Runners-up are Wayne Ferguson, Rudy Krist, Fred Loosemore and Andy Blenkarn (13 pts.).

Here are the top 10 teams based on total points.


Al Bourgeois  (Q winner but declined)


Bruce Shadd (Q winner)


Darcy Weeks  (Q)


Steve Holmes (Q winner)


Ron Marshall (will take Al's place)


Hugh Logan


David Gibson (Q winner)


Wayne Ferguson




Glen Dadswell














The first round final results are shown under Thursday Men's Standings

"A" Division winners were Bruce Shadd, Doug Gibson, Morley MacDonald and Bob Hawkins with 14 points overall.  Darcy Weeks was in second place (tied with 14 pts. but lost to Bruce by default).

"B" Division winners were Al Bourgeois, Jason Cutler, Brad Bowland and Dan Honsinger with 14 points overall as well.  Runner-up with 11 points was the John Young/Ray Pavlove team.  In third place, with 10 points was the Hugh Logan rink, and in fourth, with 9 points was Wendell Morgan and his team.  All four of these teams moved up to the "A" Division for the second round.


Other News:

The 30,000 Island bonspiel is over for another year.  The winners pictures are now posted.  Click on the link  30000 Island champions 2010


The Ladies' Open bonspiel "Think Pink on the Rink" is also over for another year.  Although we only had 16 teams we managed to top last year's donations to the West Parry Sound Health Foundation this year.  We raised more than $4,000 to go toward the purchase of a new digital mammography machine.  Way to go girls!  Cathy Knight and Lorraine Vankoughnett were the top pledge receivers, with Cathy taking the prize for the most raised through pledges.  Good going Cathy!

The winners pictures and some awesome candids by Bob Gilman are now available on the Photo Galleries page.  Or just click here........ Georgian Bay Ladies' Open 2010



The winners of the 2010 Ladies' Open -

Sandra Villeneuve, Lisa Moore, Cathy Knight and Lorraine Vankoughnett


The Boxing Day Family Spiel was a success once again this year.  Many families competed in this annual spiel.  If you would like to get in on the action next year - talk to organizer Bob Holmes.

Thanks for all your hard work Bob. 

Our intrepid photographer Bob Gilman took some great pictures of participants in the spiel.  Click here to see them - Family spiel 2009


The women's Christmas party was a great success.  We all had a good time and we were pleased to have raised over $700 for special projects at the club.  We were also able to donate leftover food to Esprit place.

Thanks to all of the women who came and supported our club in such a fun way!




*Please note that even if a game is won or lost by default, someone should fill out a card stating who takes the win!!!!!!  If no card is submitted, both teams will be awarded zero at the end of the schedule.  Also, do not forget to put in a card for TIES! Both teams are responsible for doing this - so please don't forget.


Other News:


Fall Mix-Up Bonspiel:

This open bonspiel was held November 20th and 21st.  10 teams were entered. 

The winning team was Julie Truscott, Joanne Gill, Liz Sims and Ron Gill, who defeated Nanci and Allan Beers, Louise and Steve Krause in a very tight game to take the championship trophy donated by Morgan construction.  Winners of the "A" consolation were Bob Holmes, Tracey Sitts, Pauline and Steve, who defeated Rod Osborne's foursome.  The Second Event was won by Marie Dunn, Martha Gibson, Kathy Parton and Gillian, who defeated Josh Carr's junior team from Bradford.  Marian McIsaac's team took the third event by defeating John Patterson's team. 


Pictures, pictures, pictures...........

Thanks to our intrepid photographer, Bob Gilman for taking so many neat pics at our various events. 

Check out our photo gallery pages too.


Click on the following link for some photos from the 2009 Harry Duncan

Harry Duncan bonspiel 2009


Click on the following link for candid pictures from the 2009 ladies' bonspiel.

Georgian Bay Ladies Open



Click on the next link for some pictures from the 30,000 Island Bonspiel

30,000 Island Bonspiel



Just for fun - check out this demonstration of the newest curling game - "Mixed Doubles", a very interesting type of game.  See if you think you'd like to try it.


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