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Parry Sound Muskoka Ladies' Spiel

Three Parry Sound teams curled in the spiel this year.

Sandra Villeneuve was hoping to defend her title at the bonspiel, but lost her first game, which put her into the "B" event.  However, from that point on there was no problem.  Sandra's team won the remaining three games handily and ended up winning the "B" event.  Nanci Beers' team won all four games at the bonspiel and came out on top as the "A" division winners.  Marian McIsaac's team had some good close games, but did not come back with a title this year.

We all had a blast!! The Gravenhurst and Bala ladies did a great job.

The winning teams are shown below -


Winners of the "A" Event:















Pictured are: Jan Bywater (Lead), Tracey Sitts (3rd), Lorna Morgan (2nd) and Nanci Beers (Skip)


Winners of the "B" Event:








Pictured are: Sandra Villeneuve , Bev Webb, Kari Barks and Cec Barks



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