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For the latest up-to-date scores and standings for each of our leagues click on any of the following links.

Note:  Please report any errors or missing results to Nanci ASAP


League Current Standings:

First & 2nd Rd. Final Scores:


 Mon. Rd. 3 2023-24

Mon. Rd. 1 2023-24.pdf  - FINAL

Mon.Rd. 2 2023-24.pdf      FINAL

Tues. Rd. 2 2023-24.pdf

Tues. Rd. 1 2023-24.pdf    FINAL


Wed. Rd.1 2023-24.pdf  FINAL



 Thurs. Rd.1 2023-24.pdf  FINAL

 Thurs. Rd.2 23-24.pdf   FINAL

 Wed. Day Rd. 2 2023-24.pdf
Wed. Open 2023-24.pdf    FINAL


Archived Results:


                          2022-23 Results


 Mon. Open Rd. 3 scores (Final)

 Mon. Open Rd. 2 scores

 Monday Open 1st Rd. Scores


Tues. Rd 3 Scores 2022-23 (Final)

Tues. Men's Rd. 2 scores 2023

Tues. Men's 1st Rd. Scores


Wed. Women's Rd. 3 2022-23 (Final) 

Wed. Women's Rd. 2 2022-23

Wed. Women's Rd. 1 2022-23


Thurs. Rd. 4 2022-23 (Final)

Thurs. Rd. 3 2022-23

Thurs. Rd. 2 2022-23

Thurs. Men's Rd. 1 2022-23


Wed. Daytime Rd. 2 Scores 2022-23 (Final)

Wed. Open 1st Round Scores  (Final)


2021-22 Results

Mon. Open 2nd Rd. Scores 2021

Mon. Open 1st Rd. Scores 2021


Tues. Men Rd. 2 Scores 2021-22

Tues. Men Rd. 1 Scores 2021-22


Wed. Women Rd. 2 Scores 2021-22

Wed. Women Rd. 1 Scores 2021-22


Thurs. men Rd. 3 Scores 2021-22

Thurs, Rd. 2 Scores 2021-22

Thurs, Rd. 1 Scores 2021-22


Wed.Morn. Open 2nd Rd.

Wed. Morn. Open 1st Rd. 2021-2


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