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Tuesday Men's Scores 2013-14:

Overall order of finish for Tuesday night men:

1. Al Bourgeois (Qualified for Club Championship, but declined)

2. Ian Burgess (Now offered Tuesday spot in Club championship)

3. Ray Pavlove

4. Oliver Muckenheim

5. Tom Piddington, Glen Dadswell, Bob Gilman

8. Fred Loosemore, Jeff Betts

10. John Mason, Nathan Marshall (but only curled 2nd round)

12. Frank Hazzard

13. Jim Cox

14. Wyatt Gray (but only curled 2nd round)

Second Round Scores - scroll down for round 1

Round 1-

Final standings :


1.  Al Bourgeois

2.  Ian Burgess

3.  Tom Piddington

     Ray Pavlove - tied

5.  Glen Dadswell

6.  Bob Gilman

7.  Fred Loosemore

8.  Oliver Muckenheim

9.  Jeff Betts

10. John Mason

11. Frank Hazzard

12. Jim Cox







Tuesday Men's Final Scoresheet 2012-13:

If a scorecard is not submitted for a second game, the score for the first game will be shown in brown and the square will be tinted in aqua.

If a second game has been played against a team - the total score for both games will be shown in blue-green.

     Note:    0 - means the team lost both games                       1 - means the team lost one and tied the other    

                 2 - means the team won one and lost the other        3 - means the team won one and tied the other  

                 4 - means the team won both games 



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