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2018-19 wrap-up:

The Harry Duncan Bonspiel 2019 was a great success once again!

Thanks to Dennis Basket for being our draw-master again this year.

The winning teams are pictured here.  For other photos from the event , just click on the following link.

Harry Duncan 2019


Main event winners:

Ken and Marie Bailey,

Paul and Jannette Trussler

Main event runners-up:

Joanne and Ron Gill, Cheri Sidon

and Murray Sidon

Second event winners:

Team Cutler

Second event runners-up:

Team Cox

Third event winners:


Third event runners-up:

Team Bourgeois

Fourth event winners:

Team Kinnear

Fourth event runners-up:

Team Gilman



The Friends and Family Spiel was on Feb. 9, 2019

Here is a link to some photos from the event.    Friends & Family Spiel 2019

Winners Friends and Family 2019:

Mackenzie Taylor, Steve Smith, Sally Weeks and Melissa Hayhurst


2-4 Curlers Care

Supporting our Military Families Bonspiel:

Link to photos from the event.

2-4 Bonspiel 2019




The Georgian Bay Ladies' Open was on Nov. 16-18, 2018. 

Photos are now available. Click on the following links.

GB Ladies' Open Teams and 

Event Winners and

Action Shots


Pictured on Right:

Main Event winners

Shari Phillis (lead)

Lori Guillemette (secomnd)

Kana Upton (skip)

Bev Webb (third)


Thirty Thousand Island Invitational Spiel Results:

Main Event Winners - Team Vautier (Bracebridge)

Team Graziotto - Main Event Runners-up (PSCC)

Second Event Winners - Team Steiner (PSCC)

Second Event Runners-up - Team Munro (PSCC)

Third Event Winners - Team Holmes (PSCC)

Third Event Runners-Up - Team Beaucage (Sarnia)

Fourth Event Winners - Team Robinson (Chapleau/Parry Sound)

Fourth Event Runners-Up - Team Logan (PSCC)


Joyce Baskey Memorial Bonspiel 2019















Dennis Baskey made a presentation to the

A Division winners from

Whitestone Central Public School.
Skip - Cyrill Knotz, Vice - James Morrison,

Second - Lily Morrison
Lead - Abby Taylor


For more photos, go to the

Youth Curling page


Finalists 2019 Pausner-Pavlove:

For more photos, go to the

Youth Curling page


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